Kategorie: Objekte / Suche
Ab Engineversion: 1.0 OC


Search criterion: Finds all objects which have the layer set to the given value.


array Find_Layer(object layer);


The layer that has to be set for objects to be found.


Starting from OC 7.0, all find and count functions in object context include an implicit Find_Layer(GetObjectLayer()). This search criterion can be used to override this setting and search for objects in an explicit layer instead. Using this criterion in a search function disables the implicit layer check.
If layer is nil, only objects without a specific layer are found. To find all objects regardless of layer, use Find_AnyLayer().
Für weitere Informationen und Beispiele zur Benutzung dieser Funktion sehe FindObjects.
Siehe auch: FindObjects, Find_AnyLayer, GetObjectLayer, SetObjectLayer
Sven2, 2015-09