Kategorie: Network / League
Ab Engineversion: 5.0 OC


Sets the league progress data. This function can be used to store a per-scenario per-user data string in the league. The function is available for both melee and custom settlement leagues. The data is stored between league games and can later be retrieved using GetLeagueProgressData().


bool SetLeagueProgressData(string new_data, int player_id);


New data string for this player in this scenario.
ID of player whose progress data shall be set. Use GetPlayerID() to get the ID of a joined player.


Each scenario may store up to 2048 characters. The string may only contain alphanumeric characters plus space (" ") and underscore ("_"). Invalid characters will be removed by the league and not returned when GetLeagueProgressData is called after the next scenario start.


func SetLeagueProgressScore(int plr, int new_progress)
	// Safety: Valid players only
	var plrid = GetPlayerID(plr);
	if (!plrid) return;
	// Progress must be between 0 and 25
	new_progress = BoundBy(new_progress, 0, 25);
	// Get old progress from previous round
	var progress_string = GetLeagueProgressData(plrid);
	if (progress_string && GetLength(progress_string))
		var old_progress = GetChar(progress_string)-GetChar("A");
		// If old progress was better than new progress, keep old progress
		new_progress = Max(old_progress, new_progress);
	// Set new progress
	SetLeagueProgressData(Format("%c", GetChar("A") + new_progress));
	return true;
Helper script for a scenario that is using custom scoring in the league. LeagueProgressData is used to remember the last progress and ensure that progress never decreases.
Siehe auch: GetLeagueProgressData, SetLeaguePerformance
Sven2, 2014-04