Object Categories

An object's category specifies parts of its behavior. For a definition it is set by the Category entry in the DefCore.txt file. Multiple categories can be combined using the binary OR operator.
A category also specifies the default plane an object is drawn in if it doesn't specify this property itself. The higher the plane number, the further in the front an object is drawn. See Properties.
Category Description Default plane
C4D_None No category.
C4D_StaticBack Immovable object. 100
C4D_Structure Structures. 200
C4D_Vehicle Vehicles. 300
C4D_Living A living being. 400
C4D_Object An item that can hit alive objects. 500
C4D_Goal Game goal.
C4D_Environment Environmental control object.
C4D_Rule Rule control object.
C4D_Background Object is behind the landscape. Can be combined with any of the first 5 categories. -600 (combined with C4D_StaticBack) to -100 (C4D_Object)
C4D_Parallax Object moves parallax according to the Parallaxity property. For more information see C4D_Parallax.
C4D_MouseSelect Object can be clicked with the mouse, causing a MouseSelection(int player) callback in the object.
C4D_Foreground Object is always in the foreground, even before global particles. +1100 (combined with C4D_StaticBack) to +1500 (C4D_Object)
C4D_MouseIgnore Object cannot be selected with the mouse.
C4D_IgnoreFoW Object is drawn above fog of war. Useful for creating status displays or gui elements using objects.


Category for a rule.
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