Game Data

The game data of clonk is stored in compressed group files which each contain one component or further group files.
Player Files (ocp)
Player files contain personal settings, gained score and information about the crew. It may also contain a portrait file.
Scenarios (ocs)
Scenario files consist of an information core and additional components, such as a landscape, title image, description texts, sky graphics, a script, local object definitions, etc.
Object Definitions (ocd)
Object definitions contain an information core, graphic elements, action tables, script, and descriptive text. Also, particles are stored in object definition folders.
Scenario Folders (ocf)
Scenarios are grouped in scenario folders.
System Data (ocg)
Graphics, sound, and music of the original game are grouped in these folders and should not be modified.
Using the menu system, group files can be edited and/or converted to normal directories. Group file components can then be edited using common applications for text or graphics editing. Menu system and game engine can both load packed group files or unpacked directories directly.
Unpacking group files greatly increases speed while editing large or deeply nested groups.
The global file Sound.ocg may contain any subfolders with .ocg extension to define sound namespaces. For example, a file Sound.ocg/Animals.ocg/Growl.ogg can be played back using Sound("Animals::Growl").
Sven2, 2002-04
matthes, 2004-06