Via the Teams.txt component you can specify in which way groups of players play with or against together in multiplayer melees.
Section [Teams]
Value Data type Description Default value
Active Integer 0 or 1. If 0, no teams exist and it is assumed that no teams can be formed at runtime. This also means that no hostility options will be available in the player menu. 1
AllowHostilityChange Integer 0 or 1. If 1, players can declare hostility or alliance at runtime. 0 if Teams.txt is present. 1 if Teams.txt is not present but the melee rule is active.
AllowTeamSwitch Integer 0 or 1. If 1, players can choose a different team at runtime. 0
AutoGenerateTeams Integer 0 or 1. If 1, players can declare hostility or alliance at runtime. 0 is there are team sections present. 1 if there are none.
TeamDistribution Identifier Player distribution to the teams. Possible values are: Free (free choice), Host (the host chooses during lobby), Random (random distribution) or RandomInv (random distribution, but not displayed during lobby). Free
TeamColors Integer 0 or 1. If 1, all players of a team are assigned the same color. 0
MaxScriptPlayers Integer Maximum number of script players which the host can activate in the lobby of network games. This includes script players that have already joined. 0
ScriptPlayerNames String A list of names separated by "|" which are assigned to script players joinging in the lobby. If no list of names is provided, all script players are called "Computer". Computer
Any number of sections [Team]
Value Data type Description Default value
id Integer Identifier: a unique number greater than 0 which can be used to identify a team in scenario scripts. Usually you can simply use ascending numerical values as team identifiers. Must be specified!
Name String (max. 30 chars) Team name. You can also specify localized strings such as $TeamRight$. See Localization.
PlrStartIndex Integer If not 0, all members of this team use the corresponding [PlayerX] section in Scenario.txt for starting conditions. If 0, starting conditions are assigned automatically and independent of team membership. 0
Color Integer 32 bit RGB value of the team color. The team color is used instead of the player color if TeamColors is set. 0
IconSpec String Specifies a team icon for runtime joins or non-network games.
MaxPlayer Integer Maximum number of players who may join this team. 0 for infinite. 0
Sven2, 2006-06