With #appendto, you can modify an existing object defintion script without changing the original file. For example, a scenario could change flints to cause bigger explosions, without having to duplicate the entire flint in the scenario.


#appendto [id]
A script can append itself to one or multiple existing scripts using the #appendto directive. Such script needs to be placed in System.ocg directory. Functions of the same name will overload functions in the target script. The original overloaded functions can still be called using inherited. #included scripts are not appended with #append, but #appended scripts are included by #include.
#appendto *
Appending to * will append this script to all definitions.
A script can contain multiple #appendto directives. It is always compiled with the original script. This is of interest whenever local variables or functions from the appended script are used.


#appendto WindBag

// This function will be "overwritten" in the original windbag.
// You can however call the original function by calling _inherited(...)
// You'll find this quite often in other scenarios. Just take a look at other
// scenarios that contain a System.ocg folder.
func FxIntReloadTimer(object target, proplist effect)
	// Make the windbag reload faster.
	var old_fill = fill_amount;
	var ret = inherited(target, effect, ...);
	if (fill_amount > old_fill)
		fill_amount += (fill_amount - old_fill) * 5;
	return ret;
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matthes, 2004-06
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