break and continue

The keywords break and continue are used for finer control of loops:


for(var i = 0; i < 10; i++) 
  Log("Number: %d", i);
  if(i > 6) break;
  if(i > 2) continue;
  Log("Number: %d (2. Ausgabe)", i);
Log("Final Number: %d",i);


Number: 0 
Number: 0 (2.Ausgabe)
Number: 1 
Number: 1 (2.Ausgabe)
Number: 2 
Number: 2 (2.Ausgabe)
Number: 3 
Number: 4 
Number: 5 
Number: 6 
Number: 7 
Final Number: 7
This loops counts the variable i from 0 to 10.
If the first three loop executions (i from 0 to 2) the value is displayed twice.
From value 3 on continue is called after the first output. This will skip the current loop execution. The output is made only once.
If value 7 is reached, break is called. break will, as opposed to continue, not only skip current loop execution but will break out of the whole loop. You can notice by seeing that the value of i is 7 at the end, not 11.
Peter, 2001-07