The ActMap property describes possible actions (i.e., activities like walking and scaling for clonks; or opening/closing doors of buildings), of an object. It is almost always inherited from their definition. The animation phases of each activity are placed as adjacent images in the Graphics.png (and/or Overlay.png). These animations are being referenced using image coordinates in the ActMap. Animations may be started by script (see SetAction) or directly by the engine. Some activities - especially those of clonks and animals - use an engine-internal procedure, which controls the movement of an object while such an activity is set.
Any number of proplists
Property Data type Description
Prototype proplist Must be Action. See below in the example.
Name String Name of the activity. See SetAction().
Procedure String Internal procedure. See Procedures.
Speed Integer The maximum speed in 1/100 px/frame an internal procedure will move the object with. See Procedures.
Accel Integer The acceleration in 1/100 px/frame² an internal procedure will apply to the object. See Procedures.
Decel Integer The deceleration in 1/100 px/frame² the internal procedure WALK will apply to the object. See Procedures.
Directions Integer Number of animation directions. Animation directions are arranged vertically in Graphics.png. Default 1.
FlipDir Integer If nonzero, this value specifies the first animation phase that is produced by mirroring one of the previous animation directions. If this value is 1, graphics of direction 1 (DIR_Right) will be drawn as a horizontally mirrored graphics of direction 0 (DIR_Left) (see clonks). If it is 7, any directions n >= 7 will be drawn using the mirrored graphics of directions 6 - n, i.e. higher direction values will be drawn using the mirrored graphics in reverse orders (cf. banner in the knights pack).
Length Integer Number of animation phases for this activity (arranged horizontally in Graphics.png). Default 1.
Reverse Integer 0 or 1. If 1, the animation phases will be shown in reverse order.
Delay Integer Time difference in frames (ticks) between two animation phases.
Step Integer How many animation phases the animation should advance after Delay frames. Default 1.
Attach Integer A bitmask for the attachment to surfaces. See CNAT Values for a documentation of possible values. Only evaluated if the procedure is NONE.
X Integer Animation graphics: X coordinate from Graphics.png.
Y Integer Animation graphics: Y coordinate from Graphics.png.
Wdt Integer Width of the animation graphic from Graphics.png.
Hgt Integer Height of the animation graphic from Graphics.png.
OffX Integer X-Offset at which to display the animation graphics.
OffY Integer Y-Offset at which to display the animation graphics.
FacetBase Integer 0 or 1. If 1, the default facet (i.e., the facet shown if the object has no action) will be drawn behind the action facet.
FacetTopFace Integer 0 or 1. If 1, the TopFace (see DefCore.txt) will be drawn using the animated facet.
FacetTargetStretch Integer 0 or 1. If 1, the graphics will be stretched down towards the upper border of the ActionTarget. Used e.g. for the elevator line.
NextAction String Next action being set after the current one has reached its end. If it is not specified, the action will be kept and the animation phase resets to 0 and the animation begins anew. If it is "Hold", the action will also be kept but stops at the last animation frame. If it is "Idle", the object will have no action after this one.
NoOtherAction Integer 0 or 1. If 1, no other action can be set after this one (used e.g. for death or destruction).
StartCall String Object script function which is called when the activity is started.
EndCall String Called when an activity reaches the end of its animation.
PhaseCall String Called whenever the animation phase changes.
AbortCall String Called if an activity is being replaced by another before its regular end; i.e. not by a transition through NextAction. Parameters are the previous animation phase, previous ActionTarget and previous ActionTarget2.
InLiquidAction String Action to be set if the object plunges into water.
Sound String Permanent sound being played during this action. The same can be achieved with Sound which is the more flexible solution.
ObjectDisabled Integer 0 or 1. Restricted control of the object during this action.
DigFree Integer Area that is dug free during this action. If 1, the area covered by the object shape is freed (like the elevator case); otherwise, the value is taken as the radius of a circular area (like a digging Clonk).
Animation String Specifies the animation to be played in the mesh of the object. Works only if the object uses a mesh for its graphics. If given all of Facet, FacetBase, FacetTopFace and FacetTargetStretch are ignored. The Length times Delay possible animation phases are mapped linearly on the animation length. If Delay equals 0 only Length will be used and the animation does not play automatically. See Animations for further documentation on animations.


The ActMap is defined in the script, an example definition looks like this:
local ActMap = {
Fly = {
	Prototype = Action,
	Name = "Fly",
	Procedure = DFA_FLOAT,
	Directions = 2,
	FlipDir = 1,
	Length = 1,
	Delay = 10,
	X = 0,
	Y = 0,
	Wdt = 24,
	Hgt = 24,
	NextAction = "Fly",
	StartCall = "FlyingStart",
Flutter = {
	Prototype = Action,
	Name = "Flutter",
	Procedure = DFA_FLOAT,
	Directions = 2,
	FlipDir = 1,
	Length = 11,
	Delay = 1,
	X = 0,
	Y = 0,
	Wdt = 24,
	Hgt = 24,
	NextAction = "Flutter",
	StartCall = "Fluttering",
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