The component DefCore.txt defines the basic characteristics of an object. This includes the object category (whether it is a building or a living being), graphics, entrance and collection areas, value, mass, and so on. Here also the object id is defined which is used to identify the object type in script calls or other components. Every object definition must have a unique object id.
Section [DefCore]
Value Data type Description
id definition id Id of the object.
Version 3 Integers Minimal engine version required by the object. Should be always the current engine version at the time of the last change.
RequireDef Definition IDs List of definition IDs this object depends upon.
Category Integer Category of the object. Also see object categories.
Width Integer Width of the object.
Height Integer Height of the object.
Offset 2 Integer Coordinate offset of the top left corner to the object center.
Value Integer Value of the object in money points.
Mass Integer Weight of the object. Rock 10, clonk 50, hut 1000, castle 10000.
SolidMask 6 integers Solid areas of the object. Target rectangle from the SolidMask.png graphics onto the object.
TopFace 6 integers Covering layer of the object graphics. Target rectangle from the source graphics onto the object.
Picture 4 integers Representative image of the object. Rectangle from the source graphics.
Vertices Integer Number of vertices of the object. 1 to 30.
VertexX up to 30 integers List of horizontal vertex coordinates of the object. See vertices.
VertexY up to 30 integers List of vertical coordinates of the object vertices.
VertexCNAT up to 30 integers List of direction indicators of the object vertices. See CNAT.
VertexFriction up to 30 integers List of friction values of the object vertices, each 1 to 100.
Entrance 4 integers Position of the entrance region relative to the object centre.
Collection 4 integers Position of the intake region relative to the object centre.
Exclusive Integer 0 or 1. Determines whether the object blocks objects behind it. Exclusive objects also block the placement of a construction site at an overlapping location.
Line Integer 0 or 1. If 1 the object is a line and exhibits special behaviour.
CrewMember Integer 0 or 1. If 1, the object is added to the player's crew upon purchase. Objects created using CreateObject have to be added to a player's crew manually using MakeCrewMember.
Construction Integer 0 or 1. Determines whether the object can be built.
GrabPutGet Integer Bit mask: bit 0 (value 1) putting possible, bit 1 (value 2) getting possible.
Rotate Integer 0 no rotation, 1 full rotation, 2-360 limited rotation.
Float Integer Floatation in liquids: 0 no floatation, otherwise floatation height above the object center.
ColorByOwner Integer 0 or 1. If 1, the specified sections of the object's graphcis are colored by the player color.
HorizontalFix Integer 0 or 1. If 1, the object can only move vertically.
UprightAttach Integer If not 0, the unrotated object attaches to solid areas (attachment directions 8-10).
StretchGrowth Integer 0 or 1. If 1, the uncomplete object (see GetCon) is scaled, not sliced from the bottom like a construction site.
IncompleteActivity Integer 0 or 1. If 1, the object can have activities set even if it's not complete.
Oversize Integer 0 or 1. The object can be scaled over 100% using DoCon.
Fragile Integer 0 or 1. The object should not be thrown.
NoPushEnter Integer 0 or 1. The object can not be pushed into another object's entrance (e.g. elevator case).
VehicleControl Integer Bit mask: bit 0 (value 1) object can be controlled by grabbing from the outside and/or bit 1 (value 2) from the inside. With active VehicleControl, clonk orders (commands) are also passed to the grabbed object as ControlCommand calls and can be processed and/or overloaded by the controlled object's script. See Control-Funktionen.
Pathfinder Integer 1 - 10. Determines search depth of the pathfinder algorithm (default 1). Warning: higher values may slow down the game. By setting this value you can also enable non-CrewMember objects to use pathfinding when executing commands.
NoMassFromContents Integer 0 or 1. If 1, the object's contents is not added to the object's total mass. This can be used to prevent small container objects from turning into killer throwing items.
NoStabilize Integer 0 or 1. If 1, the object will not straighten itself to 0° if within a certain upright range.
ClosedContainer Integer 0 or 1. If 1, clonks inside this object can not lighten the Fog of War outside.
SilentCommands Integer 0 or 1. Can be used to prevent failure messages caused by failed commands.
TemporaryCrew Integer 0 or 1. If 1, the object is not stored in the permanent crew of a player.
BlitMode Integer 0 or 1. Value 1 for addtive drawing. Use SetObjectBlitMode for more flexibility.
NoBreath Integer 0 or 1. If 1, the object does not need oxygen, even if it's a living being.
ConSizeOff Integer Values grater than 0 are deducted from the top of necessary construction space.
NoGet Integer 0 or 1. If 1 the object can not be taken from containers by a clonk.
LiftTop Integer If an object with Action procedure "LIFT" lifts its target to this value above object center the function LiftTop is called in the object script.
RotatedEntrance Integer 0 entrance is open if the object is upright only; 1 entrance is always open; 2-360 entrance is open within the specified object rotation in degrees.
MoveToRange Integer Maximum range at which the waypoint of a movement command can be touched for a successful hit. Default value 5.
NoTransferZones Integer 0 or 1. If 1 the object's pathfinding will ignore any transfer zones.
HideInCreator Boolean false (default) or true. If true, the definition is not shown in the object creator window of the editor. Should be used for internal definitions, libraries, etc.
Newton, 2013-11