Category: Effects / Sound
Since engine version: 7.0 OC


Sets a sound modifier to be applied to all sounds played that do not have a modifier already set.


bool SetGlobalSoundModifier(proplist name, int player);


Modifier to be applied to all sounds.
[opt] If non-nil: Modifier is applied to sounds played in viewports owned by this player.


Modifier precendence from highest to lowest is: Only one modifier is applied at the time. It is not possible to combine multiple modifiers.


func Timer()
  // Is there a player?
  var player = GetPlayerByIndex(0, C4PT_User);
  if (player >= 0)
    // Is the player controlling a clonk in a cave?
    var mod = nil;
    var clonk = GetCursor(player);
    if (clonk) if (clonk->GetMaterial() == Material("Tunnel"))
      // Controlled clonk is in a cave - do some cave sounds!
      mod = Ambience.CaveModifier;
    SetGlobalSoundModifier(mod, player);
Scenario timer script: When this function is called, it sets a cave reverb sound modifier whenever the clonk of the first player is in front of tunnel background.
See also: Sound, Sound modifiers, SoundAt
Sven2, 2015-08