Jedes Objekt besitzt Properties die von der engine interpretiert werden. Normalerweise werden diese vom Prototyp des objekts abgeleitet, seiner Objektdefinition. Eine Property einer Objektdefinition wird mit dem local-Schlüsselwort im Definitionsscript definiert.
local Name = "$Name$";
local ActMap = {
Stand = {
	Prototype = Action,
        Name = "Stand",
        Length = 1,
        NextAction = "Stand"
Name Datentyp Beschreibung
Prototype proplist Deprecated. Use SetPrototype and GetPrototype.
Name string Name of the object. This string should be internationalized.
Collectible bool Whether the object can be picked up.
Touchable int 1 the object can be grabbed and pushed, 2 the object can only be grabbed.
ActMap proplist See the detailed description of the ActMap.
Visibility int/array Steuert die Sichtbarkeit des Objekts. Detailierte Dokumentation möglicher Werte
LineColors array An array of two integers. The first denotes the color of the line and the second the color of the endpoints if the object is drawn as a line.
LineAttach array An array of two integers. Denotes the position of where the endpoint of the line is located relative to the object center.
PictureTransformation array If the object is a mesh, the picture graphic of the object can be transformed with this property. See Trans_Mul for an example.
MeshTransformation array If the object is a mesh, the ingame graphic of the object can be transformed with this property. See Trans_Mul for an example.
MouseDrag bool Whether the object can be dragged with the mouse. What exactly happens when an object is dragged onto another is defined in script.
MouseDragImage id / object The object or object id of which the picture should be displayed below the cursor while dragging.
Tooltip string A tooltip that is displayed for objects of the category C4D_MouseSelect. This string should be internationalized.
Action proplist The current action of the object as a proplist.
BreatheWater bool Whether the object breathes in water rather than air.
CorrosionResist bool Whether the alive object does not loose energy when in corrosive material.
MaxEnergy int Maximum life energy in a precision of 100.
MaxBreath int Maximum breath.
ThrowSpeed int Throwing speed in a precision of 100.
JumpSpeed int Jump speed in a precision of 100.
Parallaxity [int, int] Die hauptsächliche Z-Position des Objekts. Siehe auch C4D_Parallax.
Plane int The Object's minor Z-Position. Negative values are behind the landscape, positive values before it. Use 1-399 for stuff behind Clonks, 401-999 for stuff before Clonks, and 1000+ for GUI objects. Global particles are on 900.
SolidMaskPlane int If the object moves and other objects are attached to its SolidMask, only objects in front of this plane are moved along with it. Defaults to Plane if zero.
Placement Integer Platzierung: 0 Oberfläche, 1 in Flüssigkeit, 2 in der Luft, 3 im Untergrund, 4 An der Oberfläche und im Untergrund.
ContainBlast bool True or false. Determines whether explosions in the object's contents affect other objects outside.
BlastIncinerate Integer Incineration by explosion: 0 none, otherwise the damage level that has to be reached until the object is incinerated.
BurnTo C4ID Definitionswechsel bei Entzündung.
NoBurnDecay Integer 0 oder 1. Bei Wert 1 verbrennt das Objekt nicht.
ContactIncinerate Integer Probability of incineration by contact: 0 none, or 1 (high) to 5 (low). Implies MaterialIncinerate.
MaterialIncinerate bool Incineration when submerged in incendiary material.
FireproofContainer bool Anything contained in this object does not catch fire when submerged in incendiary material.
EditCursorCommands Array Array of functions made available in the context menu when right-clicking an object in the editor. Functions may be either strings (like "Explode(20)") or function pointers (like this.Hit). Function pointers are always called by name.
BorderBound Integer Bit mask indicating object boundaries: stop at map sides (C4D_Border_Sides), stop at map top (C4D_Border_Top), stop at map bottom (C4D_Border_Sides), stop at object layer boundaries (C4D_Border_Layer). For example BorderBound = C4D_Border_Top | C4D_Border_Bottom.
ContactCalls bool True or false. If true, ContactCalls are called in the object script.
Components array List of definitions and counts specifying the components of an object. Example: Components = {Rock = 1, Wood = 3};
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