Category: Objects / Search
Since engine version: 1.0 OC


Creates a list of objects which fulfill the specified search criteria. Search criteria are composed of Find_x() values.


array FindObjects(array Criteria,  ...);


Search criterion in the form of a Find_* function
[opt] Additional search criteria in the form of Find_* functions


As opposed to FindObject, an object using FindObjects in local calls will also find itself. This can be avoided through use of Find_Exclude().
Criteria are specified in the same way as with FindObject and ObjectCount.
When this function is called in object context, only objects in the same layer as the calling object are considered, i.e. an implicit check Find_Layer(GetObjectLayer()) is added. To turn off this check, either supply a manual criterion with Find_Layer() to check for another layer, or allow objects in any layer to be returned by passing Find_AnyLayer().


for(var vehicle in FindObjects (Find_Owner(1), Find_Category(C4D_Vehicle)))
  RemoveObject (vehicle);
Removes all vehicles of player 2.
protected func Hit()
  for(var structure in FindObjects(Find_AtPoint(), Find_Category(C4D_Structure), Find_OCF(OCF_Inflammable)))
Arsonist flint: incinerates all buildings at the point of impact.
for(var obj in FindObjects( Find_Not(Find_Owner(NO_OWNER)) ))
Anarchy! No object is owned by any player anymore.
See also: FindObject, Find_Action, Find_ActionTarget, Find_ActionTarget2, Find_ActionTargets, Find_Allied, Find_And, Find_AnyContainer, Find_AnyLayer, Find_AtPoint, Find_Category, Find_Cone, Find_Container, Find_Distance, Find_Exclude, Find_Func, Find_Hostile, Find_ID, Find_InArray, Find_InRect, Find_Layer, Find_NoContainer, Find_Not, Find_OCF, Find_OnLine, Find_Or, Find_Owner, Find_Property, Find_Team, ObjectCount, Sort_Distance, Sort_Func, Sort_Mass, Sort_Multiple, Sort_Random, Sort_Reverse, Sort_Speed, Sort_Value
Clonkonaut, 2006-07