Clonk supports its own scripting language: C4Script.
Object definitions and scenarios can contain a script. Function calls made from scenario scripts are considered "global" calls. Function calls made within an object script are considered "local" calls.
For further information on the two types of script see object scripts and scenario scripts.
C4Script uses a C-style syntax. It includes operators, variable declarations, compound statements, conditional statements (if) and loops (for and while).


Activate the debug mode in the developer section of the game options to have additional error messages displayed. Anyone writing scripts should do this.


As in other programming languages you can define functions in C4Script:
func CreateRock()
  return 1;


Variables can hold values of type int, bool, string, proplist, array or object. Any parameter not directly specified in a function call will hold the default value nil. Functions can have a maximum of ten parameters.


Scripts may contain code comments in C-style. Comment text will be completely ignored when the script is compiled for execution.
func MyFunction() // A comment until the end of the line
  Message("This code is executed");
  /* A comment in
     a block */ Message("This one is executed, too");
  // Message("This code is not executed");
  return 1;

Additional Information

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Data Types
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Operators: +, -, = etc. in C4Script
for Loop
Loop Control
#appendto: for appending code to existing scripts
Querying Game Data
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Diagnostic messages


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